Tanigawa Onsen

Facials for men

●Natural treatment
This treatment course is provided in accordance with your type of skin.
-Face/decollete (neck/shoulders)- [60 min]・・・\10,000

●Express cleansing course
Popular DECLEOR men's products are used. A head massage will help relieve you of your daily stress.
-Face/decollete (neck/shoulders)- [75 min]・・・\13,000
○For anybody requiring further treatment
Aromaplasty mask・・・・・・・・・・\3,000
Special mask (tightening/whitening/dry/oily)・・・・・・・・・・\5,000

●Basic treatment course
Uses masks containing natural healing herbs (double masks).
This treatment course is provided in accordance with any trouble you may be having with your skin.
- Back massage (back) /face/decollete (neck/shoulder) - [90 min]・・・\15,000

●Evidence course
Skin recovery treatment to improve tone and firmness.
Uses skin tightening masks.
-Back massage (back) /face/decollete (neck/shoulders)/hand massage-
[100 min]・・・\18,000

●Extreme whitening course
A great whitening treatment course recommended for anybody having trouble with spots, freckles and dullness due to ultraviolet rays.
-Back massage (back)/face/decollete (neck/shoulders)/hand massage-
[100 min]・・・\18,000

●Short cleansing course
A short deep facial cleansing course.
(Cleansing -> suction -> exfoliation -> mask -> finish)
[30 min]・・・・・・・・・・\6,000

●Short facial course
A highly relaxing massage course.
(Massage with aromatic oil -> mask -> finish)
[30 min]・・・・・・・・・・\6,000

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