Tanigawa Onsen

Optional menu

-Courses combined with other treatment courses-

* Please note that you cannot select the optional menu alone.

●Aromatic body envelopment
-Entire body exfoliation and body pack- [60 min]・・・\10,000

●Aromatic back treatment
This optional menu consists of exfoliation and a pack for your back, which is difficult to do by oneself.
A. Normal course
-Intensive care to provide tone and suppleness to your back-[30 min]・・・\5,000
B. Regulating course
-Intensive care for unsightly acne on your back-[30 min]・・・\6,000

●Removal of dead foot skin
[20 min]・・・・・・・・・・\3,000

●Individual selections
-Recommended for anybody wanting to concentrate on particularly areas-
[15 min per part]・・・・・・・・・・\3,000
(1) head (2) chest (women only) (3) decollete (shoulders/neck) (4) buttocks (women only) (5) hands (both arms) (6) chest (women only) (7) abdomen (8) soles of the feet (both feet) (9) both legs (10)back
Paraffin pack alone・・・\2,000(both hands or both soles of the feet)

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